MESA Prosthetic Arm Challenge Contest

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The MESA Prosthetic Arm Challenge will be a new Physics Day competition this year for middle and high school teams from MESA Programs. Utah State University has teamed with the Utah MESA Program to have the Utah MESA Prosthetic Arm Challenge contest finals at Lagoon on Physics Day.

More information will be posted in the coming weeks.

For additional information, or questions contact:

Eric Packenham
USU School of TEAL-Outreach
(435) 797-0393

Charlene Lui
Director, Educational Equity Granite School District

National Engineering Design Competition

MESA USA announced a National Engineering Design Competition project: the Prosthetic Arm Challenge (PAC) as the official national competition. Click here to view the 2015-2016 MESA day Competition Rules.

Prosthetic Arm Challenge

Pros Arm In the PAC, teams will research, design, build, test, and compete using a prosthetic device designed to mimic the movement of the wrist, hand, and fingers. Performance will be judged as relates to the following tasks:

  • Distance Accuracy Relay: Greatest distance and accuracy achieved by throwing bean bags into the Target Zone in the fastest time.
  • Object Relocation Task: Fastest time achieved by placing objects into and removing all objects from the specified containter.
  • Dexterity Task: greatest number of bolts and nuts correctly placed and secured into the testing device.
  • Design Efficiency: greatest ratio of device performance to device mass

Besides these tasks, students must also prepare an academic display, an oral presentation, and a technical paper. Click here to view the Prosthetic Arm rules.

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