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USU Physics Day at Lagoon

Let's face it, physics is awesome! Almost as cool as the thrill of screaming down the Cliffhanger at lagoon. Join us for an invigorating day of thrills and science. What better way to put all the hard-won physics knowledge you learned this year -- acceleration, energy, friction, air resistance, fluid dynamics -- into action for real-world applications with a truly fun twist.

Each spring USU Physics Day at Lagoon offers the chance for thousands of middle school and high school students to gather at Utah's largest amusement park to "do physics". The USU Physics Department, the Idaho National Laboratory, and a host of STEM sponsors organize a wide variety of physics-based contests and activities at all levels centered around amusement park physics. Each year thousands of dollars in prizes and scholarships are awarded to top students and teachers.

Come help us "put the 'sic' in physics!!!" Visit the links below to learn more about Physics Day, the activities and STEM curriculua, and how to register for USU Physics Day at Lagoon.

Friday, May 15, 2020

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