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20th Anniversary Logo In conjunction with the 20th Anniversary of USU Physics Day at Lagoon, a day-long workshop will be held on the USU Campus for Secondary Educators from throughout the Intermountain Region. The workshop will focus on aspects of outreach activities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education, as a natural extension of the efforts of the Physics Department and University related to USU Physics Day at Lagoon.

The workshop will bring together three groups involved in outreach:

  1. secondary educators who implement outreach activities with students and interact with the students to facilitate their learning,
  2. university educators who provide training and resources for teachers and are often involved in the design of outreach programs, and
  3. outreach sponsors who direct and design outreach programs and provide resources (funding, man power and technical expertise) to make them possible.

Specifically, four central issues will be considered throughout the workshop:

  1. Are outreach activities effective uses of limited resources to enhance the education and motivation of STEM students at the secondary level? Insights from sponsors and teachers are particularly relevant.
  2. What are the objectives of outreach activities and who are they targeted for? This critical point is often overlooked in the enthusiasm for the activities, but requires careful consideration from all three groups.
  3. What are the critical attributes of an effective STEM outreach program and how can they be "engineered" into these activities? Central to this discussion is feedback from secondary educators.
  4. What STEM outreach activities are currently available to STEM students in the Intermountain region? Do they embody the critical attributes identified above? Presentations by university educators and outreach sponsors will address this.

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