Demo Design

Design and build your own device to demonstrate any physical principle. Technical experts will inspect your design and functioning apparatus, critique your design and judge the contest. Each student will receive a score and written comments from a judge


  1. Registration forms are available online and must be turned in at Davis Pavilion by 11:00 AM on Physics Day.
  2. The total cost of parts must be less than $100. Renting or borrowing high-tech commercial equipment is not permitted.
  3. A one-page description (including a photograph or diagram) summarizing the design and operating principles should be prepared. This summary and an optional poster (maximum size 2′ x 3′) prepared by the team are to be put on display in the Davis Pavillion from 11:00 to 3:00 for judging.
  4. If you build an accelerometer or velocity measuring device, your device must conform to the Lagoon/USU safety rules. Each accelerometer must receive a USU/Lagoon safety inspection sticker at registration.
  5. Entry forms must be completed at Davis Pavillion when you arrive at Lagoon. A good copy of your one-page summary must be attached to the entry form.
  6. A contest team may consist of no more than 3 students. All their names and that of their teacher must be on the entry form.
  7. Students may sign up at the time of registration for an appointment to discuss their project with the judges. The registrar can set up the time to meet with the judge.


  • Greatest emphasis is placed on the innovative application of the physics principles in the design.
  • The judges will include experts from local industry, USU, and/or Lagoon.
  • Each Contestant will receive a score and written comments from a judge.
  • The judges’ decision is final.
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