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School Registration Form

Register for USU Physics Day at Lagoon using this form. To complete school registration online, simply complete the following fields and press “Submit.” A confirmation will be sent to the first teacher’s email address. We will have your completed form waiting at the registration desk outside Lagoon’s Main Gate. Simply stop by the desk to get the necessary information and items. Teachers stopping by the registration desk to verify their pre–registration form receive free lunch passes and a FREE PHYSICS DAY T-SHIRT!

Alternatively, you may print this School Registration Form and mail it to the USU Physics Department. Be sure to mail this in advance!

Schools will need to arrange for payment of student entry passes through Lagoon. School groups must register with Lagoon to arrange advance payment of entry fees.  Further details are available in the FAQ.

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    Estimated number of students participating in each contest:

    * Registration confirmation will be sent to the first teacher's email.


    Due to the issues we are having with our website, when you submit your registration, there will be an error message that will come up. It will say, “There was an error trying to send your message. Please try again later.” Even though this comes up, your registration will still come through on our end. We will go through the registrations and manually confirm your registration so you know it worked. Please watch for that to come within a week of your registration. Thank you for your patience as we work through this glitch.

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